TWQ Sad Quotes

Sad Quotes

Feeling down? Got the blues? You’re not alone. Everyone feels sad at times. Sad feelings can be mild or strong or in between. How sad you feel can depend on the situation that’s causing the sadness and how you’re coping with it.
Sadness is a natural human emotion. Like other emotions, sad feelings come and go. Some sad feelings last only a moment, some last longer. When sad feelings ease away, a happier mood can take their place.
But it doesn’t feel good to stay sad. It feels much better to be happy. So here are some things every kid should know:
  • You can cope with sad things that happen.
  • You can do things to ease a sad mood and feel happier.
Sad Quotes collection to enlighten your mood:-
TWQ Sad Quotes

Boredom, anger, sadness, or fear are not ‘yours,’ not personal. They are conditions of the human mind. They come and go. Nothing that comes and goes is you.

Eckhart Tolle

Impermanence of everything is a universal constant. No matter what kind of legacy, family, foundation, or business you’ve created, one day it will disappear and no one will remember anything of your life.

Justin Kan

Sorrow is an inextricable part of life. Whoever lives experiences it. There’s no escape. If we understand this then we would stop bewailing every misfortune that occurs. Life is a bargain. You want joy but you can’t have it without suffering. You must accept the whole package.

The Ancient Sage

Accept – then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy. This will miraculously transform your whole life.

Eckhart Tolle

Rejecting the moment creates friction. Friction creates confusion. Confusion creates sadness.

Maxime Lagacé 

To be more comfortable with yourself, improve your self-knowledge. To improve your self-knowledge, meditate.

Maxime Lagacé

He soon felt that the fulfillment of his desires gave him only one grain of the mountain of happiness he had expected. This fulfillment showed him the eternal error men make in imagining that their happiness depends on the realization of their desires.

Leo Tolstoy

At the heart of every frustration lies a basic structure: the collision of a wish with an unyielding reality.

Alain de Botton

The fundamental delusion – there is something out there that will make me happy and fulfilled forever.

Naval Ravikant

The more secrets you have, the less happy you’re going to be.

Naval Ravikant

Happiness is one pole, sadness is another. Blissfulness is one pole, misery is another. Life consists of both, and life is richer because of both. A life only of blissfulness will have extension, but will not have depth. A life of only sadness will have depth, but will not have extension.


Everybody wants to destroy misery, but everybody goes on desiring, and by desiring one goes on creating more and more misery.


Misery comes the moment you become clinging, attached. The moment you put conditions on life.


Don’t worry about me. Go and enjoy yourself. I’ll stay here and be miserable.

Eeyore (Disney)

We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.

Mother Theresa

In every parting there is an image of death.

George Eliot

I have no faith in human perfectibility. I think that human exertion will have no appreciable effect upon humanity. Man is now only more active – not more happy – nor more wise, than he was 6000 years ago.

Edgar Allan Poe

The more you consume, the sadder you get. The sadder you get, the more you consume.

Maxime Lagacé

Today we are afraid of simple words like goodness and mercy and kindness. We don’t believe in the good old words because we don’t believe in good old values anymore. And that’s why the world is sick.

Lin Yutang

But now the joy is gone and the sadness is back, the sadness feels like something deserved, the price of some not-quite-forgotten betrayal.

Stephen King

TWQ Sad Quotes

We are at war with ourselves, unhappy, dissatisfied, seeking something which we don’t know, violent, aggressive, corrupt, astonishingly miserable and lonely and suffering a great deal. Somehow we don’t seem to be able to get out of this, to be free of these conditionings.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Most of our life is a battle, a strain, the anxiety, the guilt, the despair, the immense sense of loneliness and sorrow, that is our life. That is actually what is and we are unwilling to face it.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Modern society tends to emphasize buoyancy and cheerfulness but we have to admit that reality is, for the most part, about grief and loss.

Alain de Botton

It is easier to be miserable because the whole crowd is miserable. It feels more comfortable to be with the crowd than to be alone.


The most difficult battles that you will fight in your life is that between your mind who knows the truth and your heart that refuse to accept it.

Paulo Coelho

You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.

David Foster Wallace

Some people seemed to get all sunshine, and some all shadow.

Louisa May Alcott 

I was weeping again, drunk on the impossible past.

Vladimir Nabokov

What need is there to weep over parts of life? The whole of it calls for tears.


Suffering is a gift; in its hidden mercy.


Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

M. Kathleen Casey

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.

Kenji Miyazawa

Keep busy at something: a busy person never has time to be unhappy.

Robert Louis Stevenson

It’s just hard to see a friend hurt this much. Especially when you can’t do anything except ‘be there.’ I just want to make him stop hurting, but I can’t. So I just follow him around whenever he wants to show me his world.

Stephen Chbosky 

“Be grateful to everyone” means that all situations teach you, and often it’s the tough ones that teach you best.

Pema Chödrön

Do not be sad about what you do not have. Instead, be happy about what you do have. If you will be sad about what you don’t have, you will not be happy about what you do have.

Leo Tolstoy

In the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrows.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don’t get lost in your pain, know that one day your pain will become your cure.


Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place.


Whenever sorrow comes, be kind to it. For God has placed a pearl in sorrow’s hand.


TWQ Sad Quotes

The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.

Isak Dinesen

Most people think that if they move somewhere else and change their environment, everything will change. Usually they end up re-creating the same results they had elsewhere. If you want to change your world, change your beliefs.

Neil Strauss

Listen. Really, really listen if someone opens up to you about their mental health. A response isn’t always needed, but a compassionate ear is.


Clouds release their sadness by crying until they can cry no more. When they have no tears left, they feel a great weight has been lifted, as heavy as the tears they’ve shed. We can release our sadness into the sky within us. When we feel sad, it’s okay to cry like the clouds.

Haemin Sunim

If you’re sad, it’s okay to acknowledge your sadness. If you have pain that leaves you at a loss, it’s okay to talk about it. The reason we have difficulties is that we’re unable to accept the things that can’t be changed. Let them be and see what happens.

Haemin Sunim

Feeling down, lost, confused, angry, jealous are all parts of the human condition. Don’t fight them. Understand them. Accept them. Love them and go beyond them.

Maxime Lagacé

If you’re feeling sad, remember soon you’ll forget and move on with life. Your grief is transitory. If you’re going to let go anyway, why not do so immediately? If you don’t cling to your grief you won’t suffer. Life is a river, flow with it. Don’t hold onto anything. Let go.

The Ancient Sage

People have said, “Don’t cry” to other people for years and years, and all it has ever meant is, “I’m too uncomfortable when you show your feelings. Don’t cry”. I’d rather have them say, “Go ahead and cry. I’m here to be with you.

Fred Rogers

Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.


The wound is the place where the light enters you.


Be patient where you sit in the dark. The dawn is coming.


There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle.

Robert Alden

Let there be sunshine, let there be rain, let the broken hearted love again.

Bruce Springsteen

Man performs and engenders so much more than he can or should have to bear. That’s how he finds that he can bear anything.

William Faulkner

Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.

Malcolm X

This genuine heart of sadness can teach us great compassion. It can humble us when we’re arrogant and soften us when we are unkind.

Pema Chödrön

Experiencing sadness and anger can make you feel more creative, and by being creative, you can get beyond your pain or negativity.

Yoko Ono

Its good to leave each day behind, like flowing water, free of sadness. Yesterday is gone and its tale told. Today new seeds are growing.


I have seen great beauty of spirit in some who were great sufferers […] and I have seen the last illness produce treasures of fortitude and meekness from most unpromising subjects.

C.S. Lewis

You say: “I did not think it would happen”. Do you think there is anything that will not happen, when you know that it is possible to happen, when you see that it has already happened to many?


TWQ Sad Quotes

The human condition is a good one in that no one is unhappy except by his own fault.


I’ve learned more from pain than I could’ve ever learned from pleasure.


That is my work, to transform your life from a sad affair into a celebration.


Nothing sadder than seeing a person settle for so much lower than their potential.

Ed Latimore

You’re sad because you’re wasting your potential. You know it, your family knows it, everyone knows it. Do something useful.

Carlos Del Valle

No one is really going to help you or give you direction. In fact, the odds are against you.

Robert Greene

There is prodigious strength in sorrow and despair.

Charles Dickens 

A long life makes acquaintance with a thousand ills.

Publius Syrus

I am nobody! Who are you? Are you a nobody, too?

Emily Dickinson

This moment will just be another story someday.

Stephen Chbosky

It’s much easier not to know things sometimes.

Stephen Chbosky

You’re sad because you’re afraid of reality.

Maxime Lagacé

In the valley of sorrow, spread your wings.

Susan Sontag

The trouble is, you think you have time.

Jack Kornfield

Saying nothing sometimes says the most.

Emily Dickinson

Unhappy people focus on what’s missing.


I am just another dot in the world.

Yayoi Kusama

Every heart has its own skeletons.

Leo Tolstoy

We forge the chains we wear in life.

Charles Dickens

Trifles make the sum of life.

Charles Dickens

TWQ Sad Quotes

Lord help my poor soul.

Edgar Allan Poe

Those who do not weep, do not see.

Victor Hugo

Turn your wounds into wisdom.

Oprah Winfrey

Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.

A.A. Milne

When you do something noble and beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.

John Lennon

Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.

William Shakespeare

People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.

Johnny Depp

I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone, it’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone.

Robin Williams

Sadness flies away on the wings of time.

Jean de La Fontaine

The sadness will last forever.

Vincent van Gogh

The funniest people are the saddest ones.


One thing you can’t hide — is when you’re crippled inside.

John Lennon 

Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.

Thich Nhat Hanh

You said you’d always be there for me, but you’re not.


The colder the winter, the warmer the spring. The deeper the sorrow, the more our hearts sing.


It’s just that I’m not sure I fit in here. There’s no one I can really talk to.


Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting.

Peter Pan 

When you feel like you’ve had it up to here, and you’re mad enough to scream, but you’re sad enough to tear, that’s rock bottom.


Behind every sweet smile, there is a bitter sadness that no one can ever see and feel.


All man’s miseries stem from his inability to sit quietly in a room and do nothing.

Blaise Pascal

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